LaRiviere Inc. Plan Room

Project Name Bid Date City
Hartley Sewer Main Project (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 10/06/2022 Middleton
Nampa Dog Park 2 (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 01/11/2022 Nampa
Hoffman Well Rehabilitation (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 12/31/2021 Spokane
Biosolids Pipeline Replacement Phase 4 / Package 1 (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 12/15/2021 Boise
Havana Well Station - Phase 1 (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 12/06/2021 Spokane
ITD - Prairie Ave & Idaho Rd, Post Falls HD (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 10/26/2021 Kootenai County
SIA Business Park Roadway Improvements (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 08/20/2021 Spokane
ITD - EASTRIVER MP 10, 11, 11.2 (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 04/27/2021 Bonner County
Bigelow Gulch - Phase 3 (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 01/27/2021 Spokane
CRP No. 3238 Separated Spokane River Centennial Trail at Carlson Road (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 12/02/2020 Nine Mile Falls
ITD Ramsey Rd; Chilco to Scarcella, Lakes HWY District (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) 03/10/2020 Kootenai County
Hamilton Street Corridor Intersection Improvements (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Spokane
South Gorge Trail Phase 2 & CSO 22 B Separation Projects (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Spokane
Cochran Basin Conveyance Downriver Golf Course (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Spokane
Gulfstream Road and Utility Extension Project (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Coeur d'Alene
North River Drive Sidewalk (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Spokane
East Side Water Improvements Phase 3 (Sub-Bids to LaRivere) TDB Liberty Lake
Latah Creek Golf Course ADA Ramp (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Spokane
GWSD Water Main Replacement Project (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Kootenai County
Honeysuckle Avenue and 4th Street Roundabout (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Hayden
Spokane Street & Prairie Avenue - Phase 2 (Sub-Bids to LaRiviere) TDB Post Falls