Welch Comer Engineers Plan Room

Project Name Bid Date City
City of Priest River - Larch Street Sewer Improvements 04/25/2024 Priest River
Hayden Meadows Sidewalk 04/01/2024 Hayden
Booster Station & Storage Improvements 03/21/2024 Rathdrum
Spokane Street Rehabilitation 03/14/2024 Post Falls
NKWSD Lancaster Transmission 02/07/2024 Hayden
Fairview Waterline Replacement 01/23/2024 Mead
Pasadena New Wells 12/04/2023 Spokane Valley
Corbin Lift Station 06/08/2023 Post Falls
Wardson and Buttercup Waterline Replacement 04/11/2023 Spokane Valley
Post Falls Water Tower Parking Lot 02/14/2023 Post Falls
2C Well Building and Waterline (Re-Bid) 12/13/2022 Spokane
Remington Reservoir and Booster Station Expansion 12/08/2022 Hayden
Hayden Canyon Reservoir and Waterline 10/26/2022 Hayden
Mountain View and Jefferson Waterline Replacement REBID 05/03/2022 Spokane Valley
Prequalification for Gozzer Water Treatment Plant Expansion for North Kootenai Water and Sewer District 04/21/2022 Coeur d'Alene
Mountain View and Jefferson Waterline Replacement 04/05/2022 Spokane Valley
Kootenai County Fairgrounds RV Park Phase 4 03/22/2022 Coeur d'Alene
City of Hayden Honeysuckle Avenue and 4th Street Roundabout 01/26/2022 Hayden
Boat Launch Improvements Re-Bid 01/20/2022 Riggins
Zone 3 to Zone 8 Transmission Main RE-BID 01/06/2022 Spokane
Remington Well No. 3 Pump and Distribution - Kootenai County 12/22/2021 Athol
Carlin Bay Transmission Main - Coeur d'Alene 06/24/2021 Coeur d'Alene
Carlin Bay Water Treatment Plant - Coeur d'Alene 06/10/2021 Coeur d'Alene
Abandonment of Pioneer Ridge Lift Station - Post Falls 05/27/2021 Post Falls
Reservoir and WTP Backwash Basin - Priest River 05/25/2021 Priest River
7th Ave, Cedar to Madison - Colville 05/13/2021 Colville
Helena Well #2 - Spokane Valley 05/04/2021 Spokane Valley
Buckeye Avenue Rehabilitation Project (Re-Bid) - Millwood 04/06/2021 Millwood
City Streets Rehabilitation - Polston Avenue & Goude Street Project - Post Falls 04/06/2021 Post Falls
Third Street and State Hwy 2 Pedestrian Ramp Improvements - Priest River 03/11/2021 Priest River
Canyon School Well - Cataldo 03/08/2021 Cataldo
Carlin Bay Water System Raw Water Intake - Carlin Bay 01/21/2021 Carlin Bay
Remington Well No. 3 - Kootenai County 01/14/2021 Athol